This applies to ALL residents living near Duffield, Keephills, and along secondary highway 627. Gravel company Burnco is proposing a 25 year development in the river valley of RR 31A, known by residents as Schiedeman Flats. This means the acquisition of 312 HECTARES of land, 381 TRUCKLOADS on 627 daily, running 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

If you would more information, feel free to email Mewassin at mewassin@yahoo.ca . There will be an information session in regards to this proposal at the Parkland County office on Monday, October 20th at about 9:00am. This is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. There will be an appeal to follow, where members of the public are able to speak and voice their concerns.

There are petitions circulating the community and an online petition is in the works. Many residents have written letters of concern and sent them to Burnco and the County, these MUST be in before this Friday in order to have an impact on the upcoming info session hosted by the county.

This is Burnco’s Website specifically in regards to this project: http://south627burnco.com/


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